How Well Do You Know Jojo Siwa?

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JoJo Siwa is an awesome YouTuber, and an amazing dancer! She also has a, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! She is well known for her bows and amazing dance moves too!

How much do YOU know about JoJo? Are you an expert, or need some work? Do YOU qualify for the title "JoJo Siwa expert" ? Now, you don't have to worry! Take this quiz, and in minutes you will know!

Created by: thejenna

  1. What physical activity is she best at?
  2. What show does she star on?
  3. When's her birthday?
  4. How old is she currently? (It's 2017)
  5. Which Social Media is she most popular on?
  6. What is her real name?
  7. What color is her eyes?
  8. How many subscribers on YouTube does she have? (approximately)(In 2017)
  9. Does she make much slime?
  10. Does she use Social Media?

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