How much do you love Jojo siwa? 🎀

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Well there are people who are fans and people who aren't so still well done and keep trying go siwanator so watch out in this quiz hope you enjoy this quiz

Are YOU a Jojo fan find out in this quiz and there are some trick questions watch out look closely and good luck with the quiz I hope you enjoy this quiz

Created by: Ellie of Jojosiwafan101
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  1. When is Jojo's birthday?
  2. What is Jojo's dogs name ?
  3. Is Jojo siwa on musically ?
  4. Does Jojo have siblings ?
  5. Has Jojo done a video with Miranda sings ?
  6. How many YouTube channels does Jojo have ?
  7. Where is Jojo from ?
  8. What is Jojo's favourite emoji
  9. Is Jojo confident
  10. Is Jojo a morning person or night person ?
  11. Does Jojo do vlogs ?

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Quiz topic: How much do I love Jojo siwa? 🎀