Which JoJo Part 4 Character are you? (No Rohan. He stinks)

This is for people who like jojo! Or people whose friends like JoJo a bit too much. if you know-jo the jojos, then this quiz is for you! *Filler for the paragraph letter requirement*

So uh.... how you doing? You come here often? Just do the quiz.... please. and have a good day OR ELSE. Fish are cool. uh. My favorite part is part 4 so I did this!

Created by: Jommy Jomola
  1. What's your wardrobe like?
  2. Who wrote the parody of Beat it, by Michael Jackson?
  3. You find a haunted mansion that you can enter for Halloween!
  4. What kind of video games do you like?
  5. What kind of girls do you like?
  6. Brains over brawn?
  7. What's your favorite drink?
  8. Sweet....
  9. You get a letter saying you can be in a magazine!
  10. You can go anywhere for your vacation, where do you go?

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Quiz topic: Which JoJo Part 4 Character am I? (No Rohan. He stinks)