How well do you know Jingle Bells?

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We all know the chorus to Jingle Bells, but how many of you know the rest of it? This quiz will give you a line, then you give the next, and so on. Pretty simple.

I know some of the last lyrics are kind of obscure, but just go with it. I have no idea who Fanny Bright it, but the song's fun to sing anyway. It's kind of a silly quiz, but have fun!

Created by: tazemaster

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  1. Dashing through the snow/
  2. O'er the fields we go/
  3. Bells on bob tails ring/
  4. What fun it is to laugh and sing/
  5. Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells/
  6. Oh, what fun it is to ride/
  7. Jingle bells, jingle bells/
  8. Oh, what fun it is to ride/
  9. A day or two ago/
  10. And soon Miss Fanny Bright/
  11. The horse was lean and lank/
  12. We got into a drifted bank/
  13. Then the chorus repeats twice. I used lyricsmania as my source. Merry Christmas! (Click the second answer, that's the right one.)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Jingle Bells?