how well do you know jackie o

this quiz is about jackie o americas 35th first lady. she is my favorite. one of my idols. she is known for her great style. she is very very smart. this quiz has some easier questions about her so if you learned about her you should do a good job so good luk and have fun.

this guiz is about jackie o. this has some things that most jackie o fans know with a few harder questions thrown into it. in my opion she is stellar. she is my favorite first lady and i admire her alot. i hope you do well on this quiz.

Created by: beck

  1. what president did she marry
  2. in what year was she born
  3. what year did she marry a future president
  4. in what year did she remarry
  5. which is the name of one of her kids
  6. what was her last name before she married
  7. what is her mothers name
  8. in what year did she die
  9. what year did she give birth to john jr.
  10. did she redecorate or restore the white house
  11. can she speak french
  12. how many kids did she have
  13. is "if you bungle raising your kids i don't think whatever else you do well matters very much" one of her quotes

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Quiz topic: How well do I know jackie o