how well do you know itsfunneh and the krew

this quiz is only for itsfunneh fan try to guess every single question to support funneh and the amazing krew hope you will enjoy this quiz if you guess this all your a genius

if you get this wrong your a pleb if you guess this right your a true potato squad and you enjoy funneh's video everyday and never get bored of it even when you already watch it like 100 times

Created by: keira gamer
  1. where does funneh and the krew live
  2. when did funneh did a face reveal
  3. is funneh and the krew siblings
  4. what is funneh's first video
  5. what is funneh's favourite color
  6. when was funneh born in
  7. who is the sassy one in the krew (easy question)
  8. who was the oldest in the krew
  9. what is funneh's real name
  10. what is draco's real name
  11. does funneh play random games
  12. who is your favourite in the krew

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Quiz topic: How well do I know itsfunneh and the krew