do you know funneh and her krew?

Hi are you a Funneh and krew fan like me if yes this is the purfect quiz for you.Their are 12 funneh and krew questions that you have to answer.And this took me awhile to make so please dont be mad if I messed up a question!

And if you are ItsFunneh or one of the krew member just want to say I love your vids and your the best. Also even my little brother watches you and if your doing a video please give me a shoutout ty

Created by: Mica Not my RL name!
  1. who is the eldest
  2. what is funneh's real name
  3. What is Funneh's favorite color?
  4. what game/s do funneh and the krew play
  5. Who is the most sassiest of them all
  6. Who is the youngest from the krew
  7. What is Gold's favorite color
  8. Is funneh a potato
  9. Does funneh use the word pleb?
  10. Has Funneh reached 1million subs already?
  11. Where does Funneh live?
  12. What does she do in her kinds of Video?

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Quiz topic: Do I know funneh and her krew?