how well do you know insidious

theres a movie called insidious and while i was asleep at home the awesome creators of this film asked me i_love_me to create this quiz speccially for this movie now i have made this quiz and i have sent it out for you to enjoy

do you have what it takes to earn that presious tittle of the master of insidious...or maybe the ultimate master of can find out.just take this quiz you can find out the answer to your question........

Created by: i_love_me

  1. what was the name of the son who got the disease
  2. what was the name of his brother
  3. what was the name of their father
  4. what was the name of their father
  5. who was the one who pased down the disease
  6. why did the dads mom hide all of the fathers childhood pictures
  7. who had to go into the place to get the son back
  8. when the little boy was in the house.who was there and what was the little boy playing
  9. who was the one who had the bad dream about dolton
  10. why was the little boy not talking over the matchiene
  11. why was the dolton hungry
  12. why did the dad kill the old lady
  13. why did the old lady take a picture of him
  14. who was it really

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Quiz topic: How well do I know insidious