How Much Do You Like Greg Sanders Off CSI?!

Hi there, this is a wuiz made by me: the Demon from the Demon and the Lucnh Monkey. I made this quiz because I love CSI Vegas and because Greg is my ultimate favourite Charcter.

I hope you enjoy the quiz. It will determine how much you love Greggo Sanders. I thought that the world needs another Greggo quiz because Greggo is officially awesome. You gotta love that boys hair!

Created by: Demon_Monkey
  1. Do you know who Greg is?
  2. There is an episode of CSI, where a girl is murdered as on a football court at a high school, do you remember it?
  3. It's also the one where Catherine leaves something in the lab and it explodes, injuring Greg and putting him in hospital... Remember it now?
  4. There is an episode of CSI called 'Fanny Smackin' what happens in this episode? (Answer truthfully, the one you guess at might not be true.)
  5. Ok, what if I tell you it's the one where Greg gets beaten up by a gang of angry people who beat up tourists for the hell of it. Just because he was rying to help save the tourists life?
  6. Greg's hair is cool. True or false?
  7. When Greg cut his hair back into a normal style. What was your reaction?
  8. You refer to him as Greggo?
  9. If Greg Dies/Quits You Will?
  10. Do You Like Hodges?
  11. If Yes, Why?
  12. If no, Why?
  13. If Greg asked you out on a date, what would you say (If your not into guys then I am sorry.)

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Like Greg Sanders Off CSI?!