How well do you know horses?

Horses are brilliant animals and there is lots you have to know about them if you truly love them. This quz is to find out how much oyu truly love Horses?

Are you a horse know it all, are you not a horse know it all? Do you want to find out how much you know aboyt horses? Then take this quiz to find out!

Created by: starristar

  1. What is the horse that can run a quater of a mile faster than any other horse?
  2. Who was the only horse to win the Grand National three times?
  3. There is a part of a horse's hoof called the frog? True or false?
  4. Easy one: What kind of ponies live on Dartmoor?
  5. What is the smallest horse/pony in the world?
  6. How are horses mesured?
  7. What gait(how quick a horse is going) comes after trot?
  8. Which horse breed is said to be the purest?
  9. Which of these plants are poisnous to horses?
  10. Are horses the best animnal in the world?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know horses?