Will You Ever Stop Loving Horses

I personally love Horses and I'm very scared that I'm going to not love them when I grow up. You Slayyy Guuuurrllll (or boy... hehehe) TYSM!!!! ******

I made this quiz for those other people out there that don't want to lose their love for horses. If you are one of those people, please try out this Quiz!!

Created by: MissyHorse

  1. How Many Horse Breeds Do You Think You Can Name?
  2. Do you know what a Rocky Mountain Horse is? (Please no cheating)
  3. How do you calculate a Human year to a horse year?
  4. True or False can Horses get Hiccups?
  5. What is a Horse's favorite color?
  6. How many horse breeds are there?
  7. What country has the highest horse population?
  8. Are horses color blind
  9. Are horses smarter than dogs
  10. Can horses see in the dark?

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Quiz topic: Will I Ever Stop Loving Horses