How Well Do You Know Holly?

Holly knows many people. She can tell you lots of things about all her various friends, and that she has a place for them all in her cute little heart. Now it's your turn as Holly's friend to answer questions about her opinions, likes, dislikes, and looks. Be a good person, and answer honestly!

Not all of us can be as awesome as Holly, but we can all try. Am I right? Holly has designed a quiz for all us normal people to take. This will ensure your knowledge of Holly is correct.

Created by: Holly
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  1. What is Holly's original hair color?
  2. What is Holly's favorite quote?
  3. Is Holly involved in ANY after school activites?
  4. Is Holly gangster?
  5. What color are Holly's eyes?
  6. Does Holly have a good sense of humor?
  7. How does Holly feel about Reitz High School?
  8. Does Holly party a lot?
  9. Who does Holly hate the most?
  10. Why did Holly want to make this quiz?
  11. How many more questions do you think she'll make you answer?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Holly?