Which Girl Next Door Are You??

The girls next door, gosh gotta love them. If you were on of them which would you be?? Classy, Sexy Holly? Sporty and hott Kendra? Or Girlie girlie beautiful Bridget??

Which one are you though? take the quiz and let's find out!! (forgive the horribla spelling and punctuation, i was just so excited to finally make this!!)

Created by: mid west mod lover
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You get a party invite you plan on..
  2. You're at a sleep over and all the girls are going skinny dipping, you..
  3. Which would best describe your style every day style...
  4. It's casablanca night what to wear what to wear??
  5. Which bathing suit would you wear?
  6. Which is your favorite sport??
  7. What does your excersise program consist of?
  8. What would you do when bored?
  9. What shoes would you most likily wear just for fun?
  10. Whachu ridin in?
  11. What do you listen to??

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Quiz topic: Which Girl Next Door am I??