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  • wait a minute...ron doesn't marry Hermione...he marries someone else (i think her name is Rose or something?) and isn't mentioned 'til the end of the last book...Or am I wrong??? ugh im so confused

  • Mua ha ha!! 100! This is the first Harry Potter quiz I've ever taken on this site that didn't have some mistake in it. Good job!

    child of fenrir
  • i dont know harry potter very well, so i didnt try the quiz. oh and twilight the movie was ok, not really, but the book is awesome!!!!!

    x aka mrlq x
  • Snutgaffaw? you made that up, right?
    good quiz

  • @TheAwesomeness, his DAUGTER'S name is rose.
    i would know 100%!!!

    Princess Bigfoot

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