How well do you know Harry Potter?

Hey, I don't wanna actually type more, so Bye bye, good people, Harry Potter is awesome, he's cool, I don't wanna type, Bowling for Soup is awesome, bye!

I like Harry Potter, do you? Harry potter is awesome, do you know all about him, yea for pie, ghetto people scare me, yea for people, yea for Dumbledore.

Created by: bigbunnyfan

  1. What was Harry's dad's name?
  2. How many horcruxes are there?
  3. Who stated the prophecy?
  4. I wonder what would happen if I skipped lines on the answers...
  5. Who's Patronus is a doe?
  6. I'm halfway done!!!!
  7. Who does Hermione end up marrying?
  8. True or false: Lupin and Sirius love each other.
  9. What bands are based off of Harry Potter?
  10. was this awesome?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Harry Potter?