How well do you know Half-life series (Extra Hard)

We now have direct confirmation of a disruptor in our midst, one who has acquired an almost messianic reputation in the minds of certain citizens. His figure is synonymous with the darkest urges of instinct, ignorance and decay. Some of the worst excesses of the Black Mesa Incident have been laid directly at his feet. And yet unsophisticated minds continue to imbue him with romantic power, giving him such dangerous poetic labels as the One Free Man, the Opener of the Way.

Let me remind all citizens of the dangers of magical thinking. We have scarcely begun to climb from the dark pit of our species' evolution. Let us not slide backward into oblivion, just as we have finally begun to see the light. If you see this so-called Free Man, report him. Civic deeds do not go unrewarded. And contrariwise, complicity with his cause will not go unpunished. Be wise. Be safe. Be aware.

Created by: D.E.G.S

  1. Who is Gordon Freeman?
  2. Where did half life take place at?
  3. What happens after the experiment?
  4. Who says this? "The can never know...the truth....."
  5. What are the consequences from the experiment?
  6. Who was the former head of Black Mesa
  7. How many alien species does Gordon Freeman encounter in Black Mesa?
  8. What weapon did Gordon receive last?(Half life 1)
  9. Who is the old friend he met in the train station? ( Half-life 2)
  10. What is the reason Gordon couldn't teleport to Black Mesa East? (Who prevented it)
  11. What is the suppression field?
  12. When combine attacked Black Mesa East, where did Gordon was led to?
  13. Why did Gordon went into Citadel?
  14. how many chapters are there? ( Half-life 2 Ep. 1)
  15. What are the last words, Alyx spoke to her father. ( At the place where dog found them) :)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Half-life series (Extra Hard)