how well do you know gtq users #5

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ok so the title says it all. this quiz will test your knowledge on some of them gtq users status levels, date joined, and etc. and its my 5th one because.....

I wanted to make an updated one and I felt like making a quiz so yeah. im just tryin to fill up this space I dont know what else to put here but im done now

Created by: harpusrox7

  1. what status level is harpusrox7?
  2. what status level is dragon?
  3. what color is harpusrox7's level up bar?
  4. what year did The Geek join gtq?
  5. what year did tenten16 join?
  6. what status level is dragon ember?
  7. what status level is Kepler?
  8. do you like going to the zoo?
  9. what status level is OmegaWolf9?
  10. what year did rockstar98 join?
  11. what status level is doodle?
  12. what year did sports19 join gtq?
  13. what status level is MindDevil?
  14. what year dd ICEE CHILL join?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know gtq users #5