how well do you know greek mythology

there are quite a few mythology quizes out there some focus on the gods some focus on the heros while others focus on many different things mine focuses primarily on the monsters

do you know greek mythology are you ready to take on the monsters or will you leave the proper weapens at home when your fighting a hydra will you use a sword or fire

Created by: bob
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  1. what creature can grow two heads after one is sliced off
  2. what creature has the legs of a goat
  3. what moster did perceus kill with the head of medusa
  4. who decides your death?
  5. what monster was so powerfull the gods ran from it
  6. what is zeuses weapon
  7. what is posidens weapon
  8. what type of monster is medusa
  9. what creature is a relative of the cyclops
  10. who is the father of athena

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Quiz topic: How well do I know greek mythology