Do you know Greek Mythology?

Greek mythology is very interesting,but hard to remember. some how i have reached a level of mastery at it.dates and times are confuzing but dont let it get in your way!

Do YOU know greek mythology?are YOU at a novice level or a demigod level?thanks to this totally awesome super cool quiz of mine you can find out now!

Created by: maia
  1. Lets start easy. how many major gods are there?
  2. Who is The mother of Hermes?
  3. Who is Hera Married to?
  4. Who is Janus?
  5. What is Zeus's Sacred wepon
  6. How many faces does Janus have?
  7. Who is king of the gods?
  8. What is a satyr?
  9. Who Defeats Medusa?
  10. How was Athena born?
  11. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Greek Mythology?