How much do you know about Greek Mythology?

The Greek myths are full of canniballistic titans, insane ladies, and really hunky guys. Plus, of course, all those monsters that you gotta watch out for.

If you think - wait, KNOW - that you are good at Greek Myths, then here's your chance to prove it. Beware, though, my test is NOT easy! Enter if you dare!

Created by: Owlfur
  1. Who is the king of the Titans?
  2. What did Kronos eat, thinking it was baby Zeus?
  3. What was Kronos's weapon?
  4. What was Hades' disguise?
  5. Is Medusa Ugly or Pretty? (besides the snakes)
  6. Who ferries dead souls across the River Styx?
  7. What are the coins of Greece called?
  8. Who is the Goddess of the Rainbow?
  9. Where do Heroes go?
  10. Where do 3-time Elysium Achievers go?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Greek Mythology?