How well do you know Greek Mythology?

Killed any monsters lately??? Well...... have you at least researched your Greek mythology? Well, your intelligence on the wonders of the ancient mind will be tested here!

Who are you. Your brain can hold so much... yet so little. Will you be the dumbest of the dumb or the highest in intelligence? Well, only a few minutes this will take... Are you ready???

Created by: GeekyRobot
  1. What was Aphrodite made out of?
  2. How many challenges did Hercules have to face?
  3. What is Achilles known for?
  4. What did Athena turn Arachne into after their weaving contest?
  5. Who was Aphrodite, the love goddesses, husband?
  6. How many heads does the Hydra have?
  7. What was Hera's sacred animal?
  8. What is the name of Hades wife?
  9. What did Artemis turn her male follower into?
  10. What did Poseidon create for the Athenians as a persuasion for his patronage?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Greek Mythology?