How Well Do You Know Goku?

When it comes to dragon ball, dragon ball z, and dragon ball gt's main character, do you think you know him well? & by him, I mean Goku. There is so much discussed about him & now you can put your knowledge of him to the test to see if you e=really are a hard core Goku fan!

Goku's life started in Dragon Ball when he was just a little boy. Who he was raised by, who he met first, who his parents are, and other questions are in this quiz. If you THINK you know the answer take this quiz and test out you Goku Trivia :P.

Created by: bieber
  1. Where was Goku born?
  2. Who finds Goku?
  3. Who is his wife?
  4. How many kids does he have?
  5. Who was his first teacher?
  6. What saga does Goku first go super saiyan?
  7. How many times does Goku die?
  8. Who is Goku's Father?
  9. Who is Goku's best friend?
  10. What is his Saiyan Name?
  11. What move did King Kai not teach Goku?
  12. What was the final form of super saiyan that Goku transforms to?
  13. What Kamehameha was used against Omega Shenron?
  14. How old is Goku when DBZ ends?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Goku?