How Well Do You Know Frozen Fever

Smart people will know about frozen fever if they watched it can get set high score if you took this quiz right now ( I think ) if you know frozen fever a lot a lot then you will pass this quiz

This is the right quiz for you if you know a lot aunt frozen fever ( maybe ) if you don't know anything about frozen fever or you only know a little about it then watch frozen fever YouTube ( this is a frozen fever quiz)

Created by: Kennedy Lewis

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  1. Who set up Anna's birthday suprise
  2. What is the new song called?
  3. How was Elsa in frozen fever and what did she do?
  4. What is the song making today question perfect day in Spanish Called?
  5. Do you think Elsa was drunk and high in frozen fever?
  6. Who says this in frozen fever? " KEEP AND EYE ON THAT CAKE"
  7. Making_______ Making_____! Go Go ____ _____ follow the ______ to the end your my very ______ friend. We're Gonna ______ were gonna ______ follow the string to the _______ Happy Happy _____!! Marry marry ______ HOT COLD HOT ___________
  8. Was Hans shovelling horse manure ( horse poop)
  9. Who had a fever
  10. Who's Birthday was it

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Frozen Fever