How well do you know Frozen?

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This quiz is basically all about Frozen. I basically chose to do this quiz because its one of my absolute favourite films. I know it may be yours, too.

Do YOU think your the absolute mastermind of Frozen? Well, this quiz may just be or you! Show off your knowledge, you're understanding! In a few minutes, we may find out!!

Created by: Olivia Watson
  1. How did Elsa an Anna's parents die at the beginning of the movie?
  2. Why does Elsa's ice castle change colour?
  3. What does Kristoff do for a living?
  4. Why doesn't Anna remember that Elsa struck her when they were little?
  5. How does Elsa bring back summer?
  6. What two familiar faces do we see for a second when Anna rushes out the castle when they open the gates?
  7. When Anna and Kristoff meet Olaf, what does he say that he dreams of?
  8. What is the big snow creature called that Elsa created to get rid of Anna?
  9. Why does Hanns not save Anna when she has a frozen heart?
  10. How long did Hanns say that some of his brothers shut him out for?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Frozen?