How Well Do You Know Frozen?

Do you know FROZEN? This is a quiz I made to test you on the ins and outs of the movie Frozen I warn you though its pretty challenging. Give it your best shot and you may get a high score.

Try it now and discover how well you know Frozen. Are you a frozen expert or do you need to watch the movie again? Find out today with this simple quiz.

Created by: Rose
  1. Originally who was supposed to punch Hans at the end of the movie?
  2. Who did the voice for Elsa as Queen?
  3. The movie is Based on the story the Snow Queen.
  4. Since the movie the name Elsa has become less popular and Anna more popular.
  5. How many animators worked on the Ice castle building scene?
  6. True or false in the end of the credits something mention Disney "does not supporting the consumption of boogers."
  7. Sitron Anna's horse is Norwegian for what?
  8. "Love is an Open door" the duet Anna sings with Hans is only the second duet a Disney princess has ever sung with a villain.
  9. When Olaf sings Summer he references the penguin dance Bert does in Mary Poppins True of False?
  10. How many strands of hair does Elsa have?
  11. Frozen is rated what?`
  12. Sven's original name was what?
  13. How many days did it take to write let it go?
  14. At what approximate age did Kristoff and Sven join the trolls.
  15. What does Olaf like in the phrase "I'm Olaf and I like..."
  16. Is the song do you want to build a snowman from Frozen?
  17. Is the song do you want to be a snowman supposed to be a happy joyous song or a sad melancholy song?
  18. Who is Oaken?
  19. Who is the voice for Marshmallow?
  20. Who Directed Frozen?

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