How well do you know Frozen?

Frozen is a movie for kids right? um... no!! Frozen is like the cutest movie of all Disney Princess time. If you know it your awesome. IF you don't that okay.

Do YOU know Frozen? Do you have the knowledge to qualify the title of "best Frozen brain" ever? Until now you have never known. But thanks to me and this awesome quiz you can see how your Frozen brain is!

Created by: Karley
  1. Which song did Anna sing with Hans?
  2. What do the trolls do when Kristoph takes Anna to them?
  3. Why does Hans try to take over the kingdom?
  4. Who has magic in the movie?
  5. What song did Elsa sing on the mountain?
  6. What did Anna tell Hans about the white strip in her hair?
  7. Does Anna like to ice skate?
  8. Finish the line. "Finish each others"........
  9. How do Anna and Elsa's parents die?
  10. Does Anna remember that Elsa has powers?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Frozen?