How well do you know "Finding Nemo"?

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Many people have seen Finding Nemo, and many are fans. However, only a certain percentage are actually Finding Nemo experts! Challenge your Finding Nemo expertise with this quiz.

Are you a fan of Finding Nemo? Do you think you can master this very detailed quiz? Go on..give it a know you want to...Nemo's waiting!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Jason
  1. In the beginning of the movie, when Marlin is worried that the kids won't like him, Coral responds saying, "there are more than _____ eggs, one of them's bound to like you..."
  2. From the second (and successful) attempt at stopping the fan in the tank, how much time does Gill say they have left until Darla gets there?
  3. Nemo's anemone is on what reef?
  4. Which of these names does Dory NOT call Nemo?
  5. P. Sherman ___ Wallaby Way, Sydney.
  6. When Nemo asks Dory where they are, she sees "˜Sydney,' while she is processing what it says, she confuses it with the beginning of what location.
  7. In the shark trio's pledge, what do they refer to themselves as?
  8. Bruce testifies that it has been three weeks since his fish, on his honor, or may he be chopped up and made into what?
  9. Who is the first fish Nemo sees in the tank?
  10. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta ______
  11. The summit of Mount ______________
  12. How old is Darla turning?
  13. Mr. Ray teaches what subject?
  14. When Dory speaks whale, she asks Marlin if she sounds too much like what?
  15. Nemo escapes the fish tank on what day?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know "Finding Nemo"?