what household pet are you?

not manly people want to now what pet they are but you must.having a pet is very exciting.but what if you were the pet?what would you be?if you have an idea take the quiz to check just to be sure.if not, have fun finding out!

did you pick just now?you and your friends will have loads of fun finding out what househole pet you will be.in a couple minutes you will know excatly what you are!:)

Created by: yoyo
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do you do when your bored.
  2. do you like to dance and sing?
  3. do play any sports?
  4. can you sit still?
  5. do own or like stuff like: handheld,wii, computer or laptops.ect.?
  6. do you keep to youself?
  7. are you fast?
  8. do you like my quiz(no effect)
  9. are you ready?
  10. bye have fun!

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Quiz topic: What household pet am I?