Finding Nemo Personality Quiz

Have you ever wondered what Finding Nemo character you were? Now you can find out! Hope you enjoy!

Created by: JustKeepSwimming49
  1. How much of a rebel are you?
  2. Do you often get distracted by shiny objects and/or bubbles?
  3. Are you a good leader?
  4. Do you tend to explode when you get agitated?
  5. Are you forgetful?
  6. Would you do anything to find someone you loved if they went missing?
  7. Do you want freedom?
  8. How independant are you?
  9. Choose a color:
  10. Do you agree that fish don't belong in a box?
  11. Choose something random:
  12. Choose a quote:
  13. Who do you think you're most like?
  14. Did you enjoy my quiz?

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