Finding Nemo quiz(let)

Many people know movies like the back of there hand. But only a few true movie goers are true movie goers. Whats a true real movie goer you may ask. Well based on this one movie you just might actually find out.

Are YOU a real true movie goer? Do YOU know the movie, "Finding Nemo" like the back of your hand? Most people might question this everyday, but if you take this quiz you might actually find out if you are a true movie person or not.

Created by: Brittany
  1. What is Nemo's dads name?
  2. How old is Crush?
  3. What is the blue fishs name that lives in the tank?
  4. What is Bubbles obsessed with?
  5. How many fish actually live in the tank?(besides Nemo)
  6. What does Dory have that makes her forget so easily?
  7. Who can speak whale?
  8. Who is Sandy Plankton?
  9. What does Sandy Plankton call a "boat"?
  10. What is Peach?

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