How well do you know finding dory

Hi there everyone of you are smart but I want to see who is a genius.I know that you think you'll never be a genius. Let's see. If you take this quiz that means your just 40 seconds away from finding out.

I like smart people but I love geniuses. What is a genius you ask they are very very smart people who sometimes like challenges. So if you are that kind of person this quiz is for you.

Created by: Liora

  1. Did dory have short term memory loss?
  2. what kind of fish is dory?
  3. What color are dory's eyes?
  4. Who are dory's friends?
  5. Did dory find her parents?
  6. Are you bored?
  7. Did dory keep talking at the crab part?
  8. Do you want. To do a different quiz?
  9. What did dory follow at the end?
  10. Last question did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know finding dory