How well do u know about civilizations

There are many smart people but very few geniuses. A genius is afterall , quite exceptional . A genius is somebody who has an extraordinary mind able to solve complex problems!

ARe YoU A gENiuS??? Do you have any brain power to qualify for that prestigious title?? Until now you can only wonder. But thanks to this quiz you are on your way of finding out

Created by: Mary

  1. What is the first metal to be discovered
  2. Bronze civilizations developed in????
  3. What is flax
  4. What is the civilization next to Greek civilization
  5. What is the other name of kush
  6. Which of these civilizations emerged in Latin America
  7. Which one of the following is the port if Aksum
  8. Which river of china was called the sorrow if china
  9. Which river of china was called the sorrow if china
  10. Egyptians called their rulers?????

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