how well do you know fall out boy?

are you a fall out boy fanatic? do you know all there is to know about this band? you would never know if it wasn't for this quiz. if you take this quiz then you better like fall out boy or what the hell are you doing here?

on my quiz you will be faced with the truth of wether or not you know fall out boy or not. you will be faced with both easy and hard questions about the band.are you a fall out boy fanatic? find out.

Created by: amber herbert

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  1. what does pete wentz play?
  2. do you think that pete is hott?
  3. what does andy hurley play?
  4. do you have any fall out boy cds?
  5. if you do have any cds which ones?
  6. who is patrick stump?
  7. what is joe's last name?
  8. do you like fall out boy's music videos?
  9. do you like my quiz so far?
  10. last question, who do you think is hott in fall out boy?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know fall out boy?