How Well Do You Know Eminem?

Well, reason I made this and you guys are here is because, WE ALL LOVE SLIM SHADY! (Eminem) One of the best rappers out their alive. He might make black music but he's hella good at it!

Do YOU know Slim Shady? Are you a true fan to be taking this test? Now you can truly know for sure.Thanks to me you can all find out if you are really huge Eminem fans

Created by: blinkFan

  1. Which song did Eminem say "Just found out my mom does more dope then I do"?
  2. What's Eminem daughters name?
  3. Is eminem the Real Slim Shady?
  4. What year did Eminem have an OD?
  5. What's Eminem's Real Name?
  6. When was Eminem born?
  7. What Is Eminem's Middle Name?
  8. Who was Eminem's best friend who died on April 11, 2006?
  9. Who did Eminem make fun of in his music video "Just Lose It"
  10. Who does eminem refer to when he says "N'STINK"

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Eminem?