How well do you know divergent

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There are many divergent fans. But are youa true fan. Put your knowledge to the limits and see what you know about divergent! If you do poorly I suggest you try again after you read the books. If you do well maybe part 2 will put you to the test.

Are you a fan of divergent of are you not. Find put !maybe you need to just read the book again. Or maybe its not your thing? Let's find out by taking this test

Created by: Mckenzie Sykes

  1. What faction does Tris come from?
  2. In what book does Tris die
  3. Who plays Beatrice Prior in Divergent?
  4. Who is the author of Divergent
  5. What is the honest faction
  6. What is Tris results
  7. Who is Beatrice's love interest
  8. What is fours real name
  9. When is the movie insurgent releasing
  10. What did Tris choose the knife or cheese
  11. Who is Tobias father
  12. Is Tobias really divergent

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Quiz topic: How well do I know divergent