How well do you know Dirty Dancing?

Well, if you have seen Dirty Dancing (probably more than once) and are willing to test your knowledge on it, then get ready, because I am asking you questions about it, as you probably know/guessed.

So, if you are ready, start thinking of the facts. Try to think through some facts in your mind. THINK THINK THINK! I hope you do awesome, and even if you don't I'm proud of you! So come on, show me what your made of! (HAHA LOL JK!) GO YOU!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDD Uh-huh Uh-huh I LIKE IT!

Created by: PandaGirl

  1. Who plays Baby?
  2. Who plays Johnny?
  3. Who does Baby think Johnny's girlfriend is when she first sees him?
  4. Who is the "old couple" that steals all the wallets?
  5. What happens to Penny?
  6. What do Baby and Johnny have to practice for the dance?
  7. What did Baby say when Johnny asked her why she went into "Staff Only" property and saw everyone "dirty dancing"?
  8. Who has a crush on Baby while she's on vacation?
  9. What's Baby's excuse when she goes to see Johnny? (It's raining, and it's after Baby's dad has to help Penny) *THESE ARE NOT THE REAL THINGS SHE SAID, JUST THE ACTIVITIES. DON'T WANT TO COPY FROM THE MOVIE*
  10. Who got Penny pregnant?
  11. Why doesn't Baby's father accept Johnny?
  12. Who does Johnny dance "The last dance" with?
  13. What does Johnny say to Baby and her family before he goes onstage for "The last dance"?
  14. Why does Johnny break a window in his car?
  15. What is the song called that they dance to in "The last dance?"

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Dirty Dancing?