How Well Do You Know Chris Brown?

There some REAL Team Breezy members, and then there are some phonies who claim they are Team Breezy. These questions aren't that hard if you really are apart of Team Breezy!

Are YOU a real Team Breezy member? Prove it! There are plenty of people who said they were, and they named one of his old songs like "Run It" or "Gimme That" Prove Yaself! It's not that hard!

Created by: Brionda

  1. How old is Chris Brown?
  2. What is Chris Brown's daughters' name?
  3. How old is Chris Brown's daughter?
  4. Who is Chris Brown's ex?
  5. How tall is Chris Brown?
  6. What is Chris Brown hometown?
  7. Who is Chris Brown's godson ?
  8. What is Chris Brown's middle name?
  9. What song did Chris Brown dedicate to his daughter?
  10. What year was Chris Brown born?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Chris Brown?