How Well Do You Know Chess?

There are many smart people though there are very miniscule true genius in people at the start but then it will grow soon like growth mindset throw yourself into the learning pit.

I've wonder for some while are you a real genius do your smarts qualify you need that chess champion title have you known how to play chess since you were born! Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Ahmed
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  1. What can the prawn do on the first turn?
  2. How does the queen move?
  3. How do rooks move?
  4. How does a bishop move?
  5. How does the king move?
  6. What are your choices to upgrade your pieces?
  7. How do you check the king?
  8. What is the only way you can use the prawn to destroy a piece?
  9. How do you checkmate/win chess?
  10. Who is the world chess champion?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Chess?