There are many smart equine people out there. There are many shelter experts but are YOU a shelter Champion? come find out by taking a couple of minutes to fill out this quiz that will test you out on shelters, fenci, waters, and some extra tid bits on heart rate, cappilary re-fill rates and much more!

Are YOU a shelter champion? do you have the knowledge to qualify for that perstigious title? before you could only wonder but thanks to ths quiz you will find out your true title!

Created by: Fae
  1. What is the normal Temperature range for an Adult horse?
  2. what is the normal temperature range for a weanling foal?
  3. what is the normal temperature range for foals 2 weeks old or less?
  4. What is the normal heart rate for an Adult horse?
  5. What is the normal heart rate for wealing foals?
  6. What is the average heart rate for foals 2 weeks old or less?
  7. What is the average respiratory rate of an adult horse?
  8. What is the average respiratory rate of a weanling foal?
  9. What is the normal respiratory rate for foals 2 weeks and younger?
  10. what is the normal Capillary Refill Time of an adult horse?
  11. What is the normal capillary refill time of weanling foals?
  12. what is the normal capillary refill time of foals 2 weeks and younger?
  13. What is an advantage to a run-in shed (three sided stalls)?
  14. What is a disadvantage of a run-in shed (three sided stall)?
  15. Give one advantage of a tie stall:
  16. Give one disadvantage of tie stalls
  17. Give an advantage to box stalls:
  18. GIve a disadvantage of a box stall:
  19. Which of the following materials can be used as flooring in shelters?
  20. Why is rubber matting a good flooring choice?
  21. Clay is firm, safe, and easy on the horse’s feet and joints. Replacement is necessary on an occasional basis because the floor surface will become hollowed and uneven due to routine cleaning, pawing and normal wear.
  22. Concrete floors are sanitary and easy to maintain, but they are hard, and often abrasive and slippery. Additional bedding is needed to compensate for the concrete’s lack of “give”.
  23. Which of the following is a disadvantage of plank floors
  24. Giive a disadvantage to straw bedding:
  25. straw absorbs about 2½ times its weight in urine.
  26. HOw tall should pasture fenceing be?
  27. Name an advantage to wood fenceing
  28. Name a disadvantage to wood fenceing
  29. name an advantage to a chain link fence:
  30. Name a disadvantage to chain link fences:
  31. Name an advantage to a cable fence:
  32. Name a disadvantage to a cable fence
  33. What is a cable fence?
  34. name an advantage to a smooth wire fence:
  35. Name a disadvantage to smooth wire fence:
  36. Square Wire or hog wire, while usable has its share of disadvantages. It lacks strength, the shoe can catch in it, it is easily bent, and a foal can put a foot or limb through it
  37. What is no climb horse fenceing
  38. Name an advantage of no climb fenceing:
  39. name a disadvantage to no climb fencing:
  40. Name an advantage to pipe fenceing
  41. Name a disadvantage to pipe fencing
  42. what is the MINIMUM amount of times that a horses water should be cleaned per week?
  43. name an advantage to water troughs:
  44. Name a disadvantage of water troughs:
  45. Name an advantage to water buckets:
  46. name a disadvantage to water buckets:
  47. name an advantage to Individual Automatic Watering Devices
  48. name a disadvantage Individual Automatic Watering Devices`

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