How well do you know Bonnie

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I made this quiz to see if people know bonnie as well as I do. I would've made this quiz longer but I didn't have time.maybe I'll make a new harder one.

Is Bonnie your Favorite character in FNAF like me well take my quiz to see if you know a lot about him. (This quiz is pretty easy) well what are you waiting for take my quiz.

Created by: Bonnie Fan

  1. What color is Bonnie in FNAF 1
  2. When is Bonnie a boy
  3. When is Bonnie a girl
  4. What does bonnie carry
  5. In FNAF 1 what door does bonnie come out
  6. What is bonnie
  7. What Color eyes does Bonnie Have in FNAF 1
  8. Which one is a couple ship That DOESNT include Bonnie
  9. Where is Bonnie in the start of the game
  10. Where is Bonnie in the start of the game
  11. What Gender is bonnie
  12. Did Bonnie cause the bite of 87

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Bonnie