How Well do you know bee swarm simulator? advanced

this is a test to see if you are truly a master beekeeper. the quiz will BEE easy at times and superduperwooperpooper hard at times. GOO get 'em!!!!!!!!!

also sorry for the bad puns. i couldnt think of anything else. anyway if you get 75% or above, you are a master at the game. if otherwise, then i suggest playing it if you havent already *its addicting*

Created by: bobthebuilder

  1. lets start easy. how much honey is needed for the gummy mask?
  2. what boss can you access when you first start playing?
  3. ok now lets go on the hard ones. which field can vicious bee spawn on?
  4. what is science bear's last quest
  5. how much honey does the extreme memory match cost
  6. how many spirit bear quests
  7. ok fine how many black bear quests
  8. how do you get windy bee
  9. which of these is a valid code
  10. which of these has the least amount of quests
  11. what is rage aphid
  12. what is baby bee
  13. how do you make tropical drink
  14. what is gummy bear
  15. who got supreme saturator first
  16. what did tabby bear give you at the end of all her quests
  17. what is vicious mask
  18. which field can vicious bee not spawn on
  19. what is vector bee
  20. who currently is fastest at beating the coconut crab

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Quiz topic: How Well do I know bee swarm simulator? advanced