How Well Do You Know Animal Jam?

There are many jammers, but few know the real story of Jamaa. Few know what happened to Mira and Zios. Few even know when AJ was released. Are you one of those few?

Do you know why Animal Jam is so popular? Or perhaps why there aren't many animals in Jamaa. Where the alphas came from? Are YOU the ultimate jammer? Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Arctic Circle

  1. Let's start with the easy stuff. What is the rarest item in the game?
  2. All right, how many animals are there? ( non-diamond animals )
  3. What helped the phantoms take over Jamaa?
  4. Where where the heart stones hidden?
  5. What are the heart stones?
  6. Who are Mira and Zios?
  7. Where did Mira and Zios find the alphas?
  8. What happened to Mira and Zios?
  9. Let's make this harder. When was Animal Jam released?
  10. What are betas?
  11. How many Neon Bows are there?
  12. Last counting question! How many animal jam apps are there?
  13. This DOES NOT COUNT. Will you leave your Animal Jam username in the comments? I will be happy to buddy or trade anyone who wishes.

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Animal Jam?