How Well Do You Know Alice Cullen?

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This quiz is about Alice Cullen. Do you know enough to be Alice or are you just another high school student who is mystified about he Cullens? Take the quiz to find out ...

Do you think you've got what it takes to take this quiz? If not well take it any way. It's just a bit of fun . Take this quiz or you'll never know.

Created by: danielle

  1. Where did the vampire who changed Alice find her ?
  2. What is Alice's proper name ?
  3. Is bella Alice's birth sister or best friend ?
  4. In new moon what car does Alice steal in volterra ?
  5. Where does Alice's niece live?
  6. Who does Alice love ?
  7. What is Alice's favourite activity ?
  8. What is Alice ?
  9. Is Alice physic ?
  10. Where does Alice live ?
  11. What is you favourite colour (not related)?
  12. Do you want this qiz to end ?

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