Alice cullen Quiz By Jeni

R u a twilight fan and luv alice cullen. try it! try it! plz! come on just try it! u know u want to. it cool and awesome and sweet! come on! try it try it try it try it try it plz

try this quiz made by me! it is awesome and cool and sweet! see how much u know! alice cullen rox and u should try this quiz come on u know u want to!

Created by: Jeni

  1. Did Alice plan Bella's weding?
  2. Who is Alice married to?
  3. Who changed Alice?
  4. did Alice find Carlisle?
  5. is Alice pitcher in the baseball game?
  6. What is Alice's full name?
  7. What car does Alice drive after the baseball game to the Cullens House.
  8. does Alice sleepover at bella's house in New Moon?
  9. Is alice in the Kitchen when Bella walks in?
  10. Does Alice leave for awhile during breaking Dawn?
  11. how does Alice were the Cullen crest?

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