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  • Ok so I'm like 13 and have never been stung before. XD

    love1001 Feb 23 '12, 9:25PM
  • really? 70%
    i think its below so
    i have nothing to say so
    i am just happy i saw a ghost last night

    XxSophiacxX Feb 21 '12, 5:45AM
  • I got 97%! Very good quiz, also accurate because i broke my foot once and at the hospital they told me it wasn't broken because i'd be hysterical crying if it was they were wrong!!!! I told them it was broken but did they believe me? NOOOOO! :P

    flyer586 Feb 8 '12, 3:04PM
  • Um, what if you've never been stung by a bee, like me? You didn't have that option. :[

    Puppydog Jan 31 '12, 11:59PM
  • you handle pain good 70% of the time!

    good job, you handle pain pretty well! i have nothing much to say, you are like the smartest of the class, the teacher needs to pay no attention to them!

    sweet! its me!

    mniricecakes May 12 '11, 12:49PM
  • I am freakin' Superman!

    madid May 11 '11, 4:04PM
  • cool quiz

    whycare May 11 '11, 1:14PM

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