how well do yo know naruto

how well do you think you know naruto see if you can rank up to any one who is a real animetaion fan so what do you say huh how about it i bet you know alot about it and are capable of knowing more about it than me and if you know more than me you rank pretty darm high

i am supposded to do this for something productive. well i have had my fun and now you can go ahead and take this test because you can do it and i have not dought in you if you are not interley an idiot so best of luck to you. and to anyone who will ever have fun taking my quiz.

Created by: jerry

  1. which one of these is an actual person on the naruto series
  2. who was the 3rd hokage
  3. which one of these is an actual team on the series
  4. how many different ranks of missions r there
  5. what is the chuunin exam
  6. what is rock lees specuality
  7. which one is an actual clan
  8. which one is a genjutsu
  9. which one is a blood inheritance?
  10. pick one that is an actual one
  11. last which is stronger?

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