How well do u now naruto?

How well do you know the world of naruto? well, if you want to find out take your luck at this amazing the number one ninja, and have fun.and rememder these questions are ment to be fun

Are you a good ninja?Do you know naruto?Well figuar out how well you know him and the whole naruto gang with this fun quiz.These questions are simple but may take some thought,have fun

Created by: amber

  1. What is naruto's number one goal?
  2. who is sasuke's brother?
  3. who makes the books that kakashi reads?
  4. who is on team sand?
  5. is temari & kankurou gaara's brother and sister?
  6. who teaches naruto to do the hokage's jutsu?
  7. how does the 3rd hokage die?
  8. who wants revenge on itachi?
  9. who is gaara's father?
  10. what is naruto's last name?
  11. who likes naruto?
  12. whats gaara's fave food
  13. what is naruto's hobbie?
  14. what color is sakura's hair?

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