are you a naruto freak

There are many people who watch naruto but how many people know naruto take this quiz to know if you are a true naruto freak. Are you a true naruto freak.

So do you like naruto? do you consider watching a show with ninjas fighting and other cool things? did you know you can watch naruto on TV, myspace, and youtube?

Created by: chris

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  1. how many hours do you spend watching naruto a day.
  2. what is shikamarus last name.
  3. what is rock lee's nickname
  4. what two people do naruto go with in search of the special bug.
  5. what is zabuza's last name
  6. who was zabuza's partner.
  7. what is the name of the move that jurya teaches naruto that he uses on kabuto.
  8. who was naruto's first teacher
  9. what charecter has emortality
  10. who does sasuke want to kill

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Quiz topic: Am I a naruto freak