How well do u know me even if you dont know who i am?

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ok lol xD this is my first quiz and its about how well do u know me. bruh. idk it literally was the fprst thing that came to my stupid head...idk lol im super weird

ok even if u dont know who i am just take this quiz. and. idont know if u know me cuz its my first quiz and u just met me. xD ok here: im SUPER WEIRD.

Created by: LiaTheBear

  1. what my real name
  2. what my age
  3. whats my fav color
  4. where am i from
  5. what mental disorder do i have
  6. how many bad days do i have
  7. whats my fav animal
  8. whats my personality
  9. my fav quote
  10. my fav number
  11. whats my fav songs
  12. whats my fav way to call friends
  13. bye(no effect lol)

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