How well do know Firestar?

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HI! This quiz is on an amazing cat from warriors- Firestar! This Quiz is all about him and his life! So, for all you warriors fans out there, come on over and take this QUIZ!!!

This quiz was super fun to make, and I hope you enjoy taking my quiz too!!! If you are a Firestar fan, we have something beautiful in common! Also, check out for more warriors stuff!!!

Created by: Audrey

  1. Who is Firestar's mate?
  2. Who are Firestar's daughters?
  3. What was Firestar's life before he joined ThunderClan?
  4. Who was Firestar's best friend?
  5. Who was Firestar's first medicine cat?
  6. Which Clan was not present at Firestar's first gathering?
  7. What is Firestar's appearance?
  8. How many apprentices does Firestar train?
  9. Who is Firestar's sister?
  10. From these questions, is Firestar awesome?

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